Part Name: EEA-LIM-454-A-10
Manufacturer: Vickers
Part Series: EEA-LIM-454-A-10 Series
Supply Voltage: ± 15V ± 5%, x 50 mA max.
Relay Voltage: ± 24V 500 mA max.
Contact Ratings of Relays: 60V DC max., 1A
8 Test Points: Ø 2 mm
Male Connector: DIN 41612, D32
Mass: 0,13 kg (0.3 lb)

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Product Description


The EEA-LIM-454-A-10 is a voltage comparator card that is designed and manufactured by Eaton Vickers. This company develops advanced equipment and electronic devices. One area they specialize in is hydraulic system applications. This comparator card has two analog input terminals and can compare two voltages to determine the necessary output needed. The EEA-LIM-454-A-10 contains two limit comparators, one inverting and one non-inverting. This card is highly reliable and requires virtually no maintenance.

The EEA-LIM-454-A-10 uses individual input circuitry which allows the switching thresholds to be adjusted independently. There is also an output relay with a change-over contact. The positive and negative switch thresholds, as well as the input signals, feature test points. There are eight 2mm test points. As the device is built upon an op-amp based system, there are additional functioning op-amp stages. These include two voltage followers and an inverter. The device also has a front panel LED to indicate the switching state, along with a selectable drive inhibitor.

The relay and logic voltage of the EEA-LIM-454-A-10 are 24V DC. The supply voltage of the card is 15V. The relays have a contact rating of 60V DC max. The device also possesses a male connector that follows standards set by DIN 41612, D32. The motor has a weight of 0.3 lbs.


EEA-LIM-454-A-10 Series Sheet

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