Part Name: EEA-PAM-513-D-32
Manufacturer: Vickers
Part Series: EEA-PAM-513-D-32 Series
For Proportional Valve: KCG-3, KCG-6/8, KX(C)G-6/8
Power (Input) Supply: 24V DC
Control (Output) Supplies: +15V for LVDTs only
Reference voltages: +/- 10V

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Product Description


The EEA-PAM-513-D-32 is a power amplifier card that is designed and built by Eaton Vickers, a well respected manufacturer of power and motion control systems. Vickers is one of the most knowledgeable names when it comes to high quality hydraulics equipment. This amplifier card is based upon the EEA-PAM-513-A-32 amplifier card but adds additional features and functionality. The amplifier was designed to be used with KCG-3, KCG-6/8 and KX(C)G-6/8 proportional valves.

One of the major benefits of the EEA-PAM-513-D-32 is that it has integrated PID modules that operate using a PID feed-forward closed-loop. One of these amplifier cards can replace two traditional electronic cards. This means that the user enters the desired setpoint and the PID controller calculates and applies a correction until the set point value is reached. The amplifier has multiple inputs with command input ramps and an analog feedback sensor interface. The nominal DC input voltage for the amplifier is 24V and its control output voltage is 15V. The acceptable current range for this device is between 0 to 20 mA.

The Eaton Vickers EEA-PAM-513-D-32 uses a eurocard design and requires only a single power supply. This card design also uses less external wiring and reduces space inside rack enclosures. The amplifier has a built-in test features that allow the user to ensure the device is running properly. The EEA-PAM-513-D-32 also has preventive counter measures against short circuits and overloads.



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EEA PAM 513 D 32