Part Name: EEA-PAM-523-A-32
Manufacturer: Vickers
Part Series: EEA-PAM-5**-A-32 Series
For Proportional Valve: KD/TG4V-3, KDG5V-5/7/8/10, H coil
Power Supply Nominal Voltage: 24V DC x 50W
Amplifier shut-down: <18V DC
Protection: Reverse-polarity
Overload detection: Automatic reset

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Product Description


The EEA-PAM-523-A-32 is an amplifier card that is manufactured by the company Eaton Vickers. This organization is a renowned expert in hydraulics and the production of advanced equipment used in this field. The EEA-PAM-523-A-32 amplifier card is quite adaptable and can be used with multiple types of proportional valves from Eaton Vickers, such as the KTG4V-3…H*, 6* series, the KDG4V-3…H*, 6* series, and the KDG5V-5/7/8, 1* series.

The EEA-PAM-523-A-32 power amplifier card has an input module with five different inputs. One of these inputs is inverting, while the others are non-inverting. The supported current for this card is between 0 and 20 mA. The amplifier has an input power supply of 24V DC. The amplifier also includes a ramp function generator which can be used to control rates of increase and decrease of output. The power amplifier also includes multiple controls for adjustment of deadband compensation and gain adjustment. Even the ramp generator can be tweaked for maximum effect. This means that you can finely tune this device to meet your own needs perfectly. There are LEDs and monitor points on the front panel that can help you keep a close eye on various functions about the amplifier.

The installation process for the EEA-PAM-523-A-32 is fairly simple if the provided instructions are followed carefully. Still, multiple precautions need to be taken to prevent damage that may be caused due to improper set up of the amplifier. The card is protected from overloads by an automatic reset function and protection from reverse polarity is also built in.




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