Part Name: EEA-PAM-525-A-14
Manufacturer: Vickers
Part Series: EEA-PAM-5**-A-14 Series
For Proportional Valve: KD/TG4V-5
Power Requirements: 24V DC nominal x 40W max.
Control (Output) Supplies: +15V x 50 mA max

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Product Description


The EEA-PAM-525-A-14 is an amplifier card designed and built by Eaton Vickers. This card is part of their 14 design series of power amplifiers. EEA-PAM-5**-A-14 power amplifier cards have a design made for use in the hydraulic field. This amplifier works with the KD/TG4V-5 proportional valve.

The nominal input supply voltage of the EEA-PAM-525-A-14 is 24V. The card has five inputs, four which are direct current and one that is an inverting current. The amplifier card can accept an input current between 0 and 20 mA and has an output control voltage of 15V. The amplifier card also has protection from voltage ripples. The acceptable voltage range for this device is 20V to 34V and will stop running if falls below 19V. This card uses pulse width modulation to improve efficiency. The built-in ramp function generator controls the increase and decrease of pressure rates.

The front panel includes diagnostic tools like monitoring points and LED indicators which show a real-time status of the amplifier. The front panel also has controls for setting the gain and deadband compensation. This amplifier card is easy to install, especially for anyone with experience regarding hydraulic systems. Additionally, the EEA-PAM-525-A-14 requires little to no maintenance.



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