Part Name: EEA-PAM-568-B-32
Manufacturer: Vickers
Part Series: EEA-PAM-5**-B-32 Series
For Proportional Valve: KFDG5V-8
Power Supply Nominal Voltage: 24V DC x 50W
Control Supply Output: 15V
Ramp Acceleration Time Range: With pot. set at zero, 0 to +10V equates to a ramp time range of 50ms to 5s
Ramp Deceleration Time Range: With pot. set at max., 0 to -10V equates to a ramp time of 5s to 50 ms

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Product Description


The EEA-PAM-568-B-32 is an amplifier card that is manufactured by the company Eaton Vickers. Vickers is an expert in developing high quality equipment and tools for hydraulic systems. This card is part of the B-32 series of amplifiers and is designed for use with KFDG5V-8 proportional valves. As the device is based upon a previous A-32 series model, the EEA-PAM-568-B-32 adds new features to meet users ever changing needs.

There is a four-input module present on the EEA-PAM-568-B-32 and a ramp function generator. The ramp generator allows separate alteration of ramp acceleration and deceleration through the use of quadrant detection. The ramp times can be set using two front panel potentiometers. The front panel also houses several other important controls such as deadband compensation and gain adjustment. The nominal input voltage of this amplifier is 24V with a control output voltage of 15V. The current range for the amplifier is 0 to 20 mA and has a mass of 0.4 kilograms. The ambient temperature is from 0 to 50°C and can be stored anywhere between -25°C and 85°C.

The installation process of the EEA-PAM-568-B-32 is quite simple. Anyone who has previously dealt with hydraulics equipment should be able to handle the amplifier with ease. The standard Eurocard form factor and detailed instruction manuals make the task even easier. There are also several protections built against faults such as short circuits and reverse polarity. The device also includes an automatic reset function.



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