Part Name: EEA-PAM-571-D-32
Manufacturer: Vickers
Part Series: EEA-PAM-513-D-32 Series
For Proportional Valve: CVU-**-EFP1
Power (Input) Supply: 24V DC
Control (Output) Supplies: +15V for LVDTs only
Reference voltages: +/- 10V

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Product Description


The EEA-PAM-571-D-32 is an amplifier card that is designed and produced by Eaton Vickers. Vickers, a well known company, is an expert in developing high quality equipment for use in advanced hydraulic systems. The card is a part of the Vickers D-32 series and is based on a model in the A-32 series. The amplifier was meant to be used in conjunction with the CVU-**-EFP1 proportional valve.

One of the main features added to the EEA-PAM-571-D-32 are the PID modules. These modules add a closed loop feedback system to the amplifier and continuously modulate control. A user sets desired control values and the amplifier automatically adjusts itself until the values are correctly reached. You can also adjust various settings by using the controls found on the front plate of the amplifier. The EEA-PAM-571-D-32 has a renewed design that uses less space in racks and less external wiring. The device still features the standard Eurocard form factor that was used previously. The amplifier has an easy installation process for anyone who has previously worked with hydraulic systems or with proportional valves.

The nominal DC input voltage of the EEA-PAM-571-D-32 is 24V. The output control voltage this amplifier is 15V. The amplifier card uses a current from 0 to 20 mA. The mass of the device is 0.40 kilograms. Pulse width modulation is used with this amplifier which increases the amplifier’s efficiency. The ambient operating temperature is between 0 and 50°C. There is also a built-in test function present, which allows the user to diagnose any issues with the amplifier’s functioning.



Some common misspellings of EEA-PAM-571-D-32 are as follows:


EEA PAM 571 D 32