Part Name: EEA-PAM-581-C-32
Manufacturer: Vickers
Part Series: EEA-PAM-5**-C-32 Series
For Proportional Valve: KFDG5V-5/7/8
Power Supply Nominal Voltage: 24V DC x 50W
Control (Output) Supplies: +15V for LVDTs only

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Product Description


The EEA-PAM-581-C-32 is a power amplifier card from the power management company Eaton Vickers. Eaton Vickers focuses on power-efficient solutions for a variety of industries. One specific area of focus for them is hydraulics. Vickers, a well known name in the hydraulics industry, develops high quality hydraulic motion and power control equipment. The EEA-PAM-581-C-32 is based on EEA-PAM-581-A-32 amplifier. The EEA-PAM-581-C-32 adds new functionality while retaining all of the “A” models features. This amplifier is to be used with the KFDG5V-5/7/8 proportional throttle valves.

The Eaton Vickers EEA-PAM-581-C-32 has a built-in diagnostic system and makes use of LED indicators and monitoring points on the front panel so operators can check the status of the device. The front panel has controls that allow the user tweak various settings such as gain adjustment and can be optimized to meet the desired application specifications. In addition, the amplifier has a relatively simple installation process. Those who have dealt with hydraulics equipment in the past should have no problem installing this amplifier as it features a standard Eurocard design with a familiar layout.



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EEA PAM 581 C 32